T.A.C.T stands for Teaching The Autism Community Trades. It's a program that teaches things like carpentry, mechanics, electronics and robotics.  My Auntie Sonia volunteers for T.A.C.T and she especially loves working with the children there. When we were staying with her and our cousins for a few days in Colorado in August they had a fundraiser at her house to raise money for new equipment and things for the school. The two biggest prizes in the auction were two old classic cars that the students had renovated all by themselves! An old Cherokee wagon and my favourite - a Wrangler Jeep! I got to meet one of the boys who had helped with the renovation and he was very nice.

I love T.A.C.T because they're trying to get kids to thrive more in the world. I got to spend a whole morning at the school with my cousins and it was great fun! They look at the ability of students with autism and see the positive side of it instead of being hung up on it as a disability!

What is Autism?

Autism is quite complicated, but my brother and I recently saw this awesome animation that helps to explain it...

You can find out more about T.A.C.T by visiting their website here and can also donate via their ColoradoGives.org page.