My first 'travelling homework'. My parents asked me to write a story. Here goes..!

One day, an ordinary brother called Freddie and sister called Daisy were having a nice chat... "I have something fun to do!" shouted Freddie in excitement. "What?" asked Daisy. "Let's ask the parents if they want to go travelling around the world for a year!"

"That does sound fun!"

Freddie and Daisy went up to their parents and asked if their idea was good and the parents said, "Yes!" They were so excited so they started packing up immediately!

One day they were on a boat ride. There were a lot of dangerous animals in the water, but they were in a boat and couldn't be harmed. But, soon they heard a noise that went "Pfffff!" They were all terrified so they sent a specialised diver and animal expert to go see what was happening. When the diver got to the surface he said it was only a hippopotamus farting!

They were all so relieved, but not about the smell though!






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