The sky was cold black and the mist crawled up the trees as I stumbled along the forest path. Brambles and bugs were clinging to me, desperate to make my journey back to camp miserable. The trees were groaning as they slept, with the wind moving them side to side, to and from. I heard howls from wolves, far in the distance. They rippled across the land like a drop of rain falling into a glistening pond. The wolves had started their nighttime hunt.

Even though I felt calmed by the soft sound of the howl, a shiver, like ice, went down my spine as I broke out of the haunting trance and realised I was still in the dark, musty, midnight wood with only a flashlight.

I started jogging. Running. I heard padded footsteps behind me, but I didn’t dare look back. The seconds after that felt like an eternity. My heart was pumping, legs stumbling on a tree root as I realised who the wolves had chosen to hunt tonight!

The Coastal Temperate Rainforest of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

(Note from Mum...)

Daisy wrote this little story while we were staying at Green Point Campground in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island - an absolutely stunning campsite located high up on a thickly forested terrace above Long Beach. Walking to the loos, especially in the dark, in this old growth temperate rainforest was like something out of a fantasy movie, with ravens perched knowingly on boughs of great western red cedar and hemlock, draped thick with moss, spying your every move.

Green Point follows the Parks Canada "Bare" campsite Programme, which means that anything considered an 'attractant' to wildlife needs to be packed away, "in a hard-sided vehicle/trailer/motor home or in the campground storage lockers" at night or whenever you leave your site unattended. This is to ensure that wildlife, especially bears, cougars, wolves and coyotes do not become 'food-conditioned' and thereby, a threat to the public. We were particularly struck by the high-alert signs at Green Point that warned of wolves that appeared to be losing their natural wariness of humans...

Tree Huggers, Wolf Lovers...

We're hoping Daisy will write another instalment soon! xxx




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