H is for hostel

We’ve stayed in a few.

Some were fantastic

But, others were poo!


A is for altitude

Stole our breath at Condor Pass.

But, we showed it two fingers

And kicked 5000m in the arse!


P is for panic

The feeling we felt,

When our packs didn’t show

On the luggage reclaim belt!


P is for pisco

The sour ones (they’re sweet).

After Torres del Paine

Boy, they went down a treat!


Y is for yearning

Not for home or for things,

But the friends that we left there -

Their laughter, their grins.


N is for new friends

We’ve made on the way.

Such adventures we’ve had,

Friends for sure we will stay.


E for estancia

Is a Patagonian ranch.

Horse riding, sheep shearing

Eagles flying a dance.


W is for wildlife

Such beasts we have spied.

But, 60 feet from a grizzly

Was a highlight. No lies!


Y is for Yoho

A National Park,

That means awe and wonder.

But, they’ve all left their mark.


E is for education

It's been far tougher than we thought.

But, some lessons we’re learning,

Just cannot be taught.


A is for adrenaline

A natural high

Gained by climbing and rafting,

And other sports we must try. 


R is for The Rock

(No, Daisy and Fred) Not the bloke on the telly!

But, the giant blue marble,

With fire in its belly.


It’s flying through space

And we’re all in a spin

Dr Seuss was right!

Oh! The places we’ve been.


We’ve marvelled at mountains

Been swallowed by seas.

Seen sights that have shocked us,

Brought us all to our knees.


The world might be huge,

But, it’s tiny too.

And, though new words that we’ve learnt 

Are embarrassingly few :/


A smile or a chuckle

Needs no google translate -

The language of love

So much easier than hate.


Wishing you all a very wonderful 2018 full of love, laughter and adventure, in all its forms. We miss you! But, we also know now just how quickly six months can pass us by! Our roaming will become 'homing' before we know it, and we’re looking forward to catching up with you all very soon.

Until then we send you smiles and chuckles from across the pond!

Love Lucy, Steph, Daisy and Fred