One of my favourite things in the world is playing rugby, so the moment I got to New Zealand, I knew one thing. I had to go see Eden Park. 

When I first set eyes on Eden Park, I was astonished. I couldn’t believe I was standing upon the Best Rugby Team In The Worlds’ (The All Blacks’) Home Pitch. I couldn’t wait for the tour. We got our own Eden Park Rugby Tour Tickets on a lanyard. In fact, I still have mine as a souvenir now!

As we made our way up in the elevator, I asked our guide, Bruce, if we’d get to go onto the pitch, and he said, “It’s a secret!”, so I was pretty excited.

It wasn’t Rugby season there though, because Winter for the UK is Summer for New Zealand! So I couldn’t see a match. At the moment, they are playing cricket there.

My Mum's friend, a very kind person called Claire Harrison gave me 20 New Zealand dollars to spend in New Zealand! She was excited for us to go there as that's where she is from. And, of course, I got an All Black rugby ball with it! (Thank You Claire!)

Up at the top of the building, on the inside I was bursting to go look around, but on the outside, I was quite calm. First up was the circle around the stadium to look at the seats that spelt out "EDEN PARK". It was pretty cool. The seats made the writing look robot-like.

Later on, we went inside. We descended down the stairs until we reached a very detailed mini replica of the stadium. It was amazingly designed with tons of little green strings as the grass and wires bent into shapes of leaves for the trees!

Soon, we walked down the stairs and headed to the room for commentators to commentate. When I got there, I saw that they had a GREAT view of the pitch! No wonder they keep such good track of all the players!

When we got to the last set of stairs, I saw what was in front of me. It was a sign saying: "Team Change Room",  which meant: TO THE ALL BLACKS’ ROOM. I was madly excited!

We walked through the hallways and suddenly reached a door. When we walked inside, we looked at all the jerseys and got a few pictures of some of them, including Richie McCaw, my favourite All Black! He captained the team 110 times during his career!

I was sad to leave the room, but excited for what was coming. When we reached the entrance to the pitch, I walked towards the green grass. As I set foot on the grass, I imagined All Blacks on the pitch playing rugby until their skin had gone dry because they ran out of sweat. Working hard, they push on until the end of the match. I stopped imagining and awoke to my parents saying we had to leave.

I was sad to leave and said a HUGE thank you to Bruce! (Interesting fact... Bruce used to be a special policeman at the matches who protected prime ministers and special dignitaries when they came to watch a game. He had to be very serious and didn't like not being able to cheer when his team scored!!!) 

I love my new All Blacks rugby ball. When we get a flight somewhere, I have to deflate it so that it doesn't explode in the air because of the pressure (the higher up you go the less pressure so the air inside the ball expands and can burst, which is not good in an aeroplane!) So, I have a pump that I take with me to blow it up again once we land.  I love playing around with my new rugby ball, but I can't wait to get back to school so I can play proper matches again.