In Borneo, we went scuba diving. I tried it for a couple days, but I enjoyed snorkelling more because you didn't have to do all the tests or take your mask off and stuff under the water. So, I did snorkelling for the last two days instead, while the others finished their open water diver exams.

We were with an amazing group called DownBelow. If you go to Borneo, be sure to check them out! I saw some really cool things, like black tip reef sharks, cuttlefish and even turtles! It was amazing. I had a really nice guide called Victor. N.B Victor was the name of our first golden retriever!

The coral reefs were beautiful. The turtles we saw were Green turtles, but there are also Hawksbill turtles there. Nearly all kinds of sea turtles are endangered because people kill them for their eggs and shells and also they get caught up in plastic pollution. Sometimes they even eat plastic bags by accident, because they think they are jellyfish. It's horrible because then they die very slowly and in a lot of pain :(

When we saw the sharks, we had to stay still so they would come closer to us. If you splashed your fins, they would hear it and swim away. If you’re diving, it will hear your bubbles and swim away. If they stop swimming, they die. They have terrible eyesight, but they have an excellent sense of smell and great hearing.

The cuttlefish was crazy. It was changing colours and swishing it’s mouth around! It was absolutely stunning. We had such a great time.

On instagram we follow two photographers called @paulnicklen and @cristinamittermeier who started a charity called Sea Legacy and they do amazing things to help people learn about and protect the oceans. We joined up and pay a little bit each month. Their pictures and videos are really cool. Keeping the oceans clean is crucial to our world, for many animals' lives depends on it, INCLUDING our own.

Thank you Down Below for a great time! I hope you got the letter I sent?!